kefai ShiSha Packaging

KEFAI shisha packing machine is a special and rare packaging device at present in the market. KEFAI Machinery is one of the tobacco packing machine manufacturers. KEFAI shisha tobacco packing machines are frequently used to pack the tobacco products made from tobacco and honey or fruit.

KEFAI hookah packing machine will have no leakage or adhesion to ensure that your brand credits are as good as ever or even better. Our tobacco packaging machine can play the flavor of hookah to the extreme so as to ensure the pure and thick taste of tobacco hookah products. KEFAI shisha tobacco hookah packing machines can provide a perfect packaging production line and the best packaging solution for you.


  • Jars Shisha Packing Machine: KEFAI jars shisha packing machinehas an intelligent function, which means that the equipment is able to regulate the temperature. The design of the stainless steel makes the shisha tobacco packaging equipment makes itself more hygienic and more contamination-free.
  • Doypack Shisha Packing Machine: KEFAI doypack shisha hookah packing machine is quite smart. The doypack shisha hookah packaging machine is capable of achieving the automatic detection of packaging sealing, mainly to check whether the sealing is tight or whether there is leakage of tobacco products.
  • Carton Box Shisha Packing Machine: KEFAI carton boxtobacco hookah packing machine can be customized based on your size of carton boxes. Our carton box shisha tobacco packing machine owns an exquisite packaging and is extremely easy to open.


  • 10g 15g SachetShisha Packing Machine: KEFAI 10g 15g sachet shisha packaging machine adopts a small volume packaging of hookah products, which is suitable for the small-scale production.
  • 20gShisha Packing Machine: KEFAI 20g shisha packaging machine has a function of automatic detection and the equipment can realize the elimination of missing boxes so as to reduce material waste.
  • 50g Shisha Packing Machine: The packaging of KEFAI 50g shisha packing machine is usually packaged in jars for storage.
  • 100g Shisha Packing Machine: KEFAI 100g shisha packaging machine can finish filling, sealing, packaging and so on in an automatic way.
  • 250g 500g Shisha Packing Machine: KEFAI 250g 500g shisha packing machine has lower loss but more energy saving and it is more suitable for the medium-scale and large-scale business.

Feature Box

  • Original Taste And Flavour: Our shisha packing machine has a fully sealed packaging. The packaging of our tobacco packaging machine can preserve the pure taste and aroma of the hookah to the best condition, so that your customers can have a better enjoyment when opening it.
  • Minimize Waste: KEFAI shisha hookah packaging machine is able to utilize the high-level and intelligent technology to identify the packaging weight of the hookah materials as accurate as possible. Some special hookah packaging machines can remember the packaging weight with a large error last time so that the equipment can carry out more accurate packaging later.
  • Precise: Since design, we have attach great importance to the precision of hookah product packaging. Thus, our shisha tobacco machine is equipped with a double servo screw so as to make the tobacco products be weighed the most accurate. In addition, the sensible photoelectric eye has a function of positioning to make sealing more accurate.
  • Convenient: KEFAI tobacco pouchpacking machines are adjustable. The length of bags and the speed of the packaging can both be changeable. You can just make adjustments of the two items on the touch screen. Our automatic shisha packaging machine can finish the work in the entire production line automatically. It is a marvelous approach for you to save manpower and reduce losses.

Maximize Your Profits And Minimize Your Costs.

As one of the tobacco packing machine manufacturers, KEFAI Machinery will always be your go-to partner in the success of your business. KEFAI Machinery will keep your request in mind and clear away your concerns one by one. At first, our automatic tobacco pouch packing machine has an extremely high working efficiency. The shisha tobacco can largely decrease the labour costs by means of the automatic system. Furthermore, our tobacco pouch packing machine price has been cut down to the lowest. And we only give a factory price of the tobacco hookah packing machine to you. Through the investigation, the fastest time to pay back is within three months. In other words, you are likely to turn your first profit in the fourth month.

KEFAI packaging machine is always in a condition where there are many in stock. We can supply the standard machines at any time and it won't take long to deliver them. This is because the standard packaging machines can reach a monthly output of 200 sets. However, it is absolutely available if you need to customize the shisha packing machines. We have also participated in many exhibitions before, and the photos can be viewed at any time on our official website. We serve every customer with heart. From the day you buy our hookah packaging machine, we are always ready to provide you with our after-sales service. You can consult us at any time if there is any problem with the machine during use.


The Feedback Of Customers

My partner and I both think that shisha tobacco products are bound to own a huge demand in the market. We have purchased shisha raw materials and need an advanced hookah packaging machine. KEFAI shisha tobacco packing machines are as excellent as I expected. You are the best tobacco packing machine manufacturer I’ve seen.A review from Saudi Arabia
Thank you for your marvelous packaging technology! Many of my customers told me that the flavor of shisha was very nice and they like it so much that they consumed a lot from me. Without you, I would not have received so much praise or gained so much revenue. By the way, the shisha packing machine you offered had a great performance. Thank you again for this!A review from Dubai
What an excellent service! Your service personnel is very considerate. Due to personal circumstances, I need to have my product delivered as soon as possible. So I asked the service staff if it was possible to expedite the delivery, and he immediately said yes. I am so excited and grateful. In the end, I received my shisha packing machine as scheduled.A review from USA

Is the shisha tobacco packing machine durable in use?

Yes. Our tobacco hookah packing machines are made of the advanced known parts and accessories, which is able to ensure it can be used for a long time. And the service life of the shisha tobacco packing equipment can be extended to seven years or more.

Is the surface of the shisha packing machine food grade?

Yes. Our shisha hookah packing machines are made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which can touch food products like tobacco materials. Besides, it is fairly easy to clean with this structure.

How do you protect the machine from wear and tear?

Before delivery, we will load the machine in wooden cases, which will also be cushioned with anti-collision materials.