KEFAI stick packing machine is generally used to package powdered products. However, the stick pack machine is not just limited to powdery products, it can also be applied in the packaging of granular products and liquid products. This stick packaging machine can quantitatively pack powder and granular materials such as coffee, milk powder, cocoa powder, milk tea powder, seasoning powder, medicine, sugar, desiccant, oral liquid, shampoo, skin care products, etc.

We assure you that the stick packaging machines are of premium quality. Each stick pack packaging machine is manufactured and tested with quality records and testing data. You can visit the factory site to inspect the whole process of the stick packing equipment until it is confirmed to be shipped.

kefai vffs powder packing machine

Flour Packing Machine

KEFAI flour packing machine is especially designed for powdery products like flour. More than that, the flour packaging machines can also be applied in the packaging of sand-like products. For vulnerable parts, our wheat flour automatic packing machines use high-strength materials to make them more durable in use. It is extremely likely for you to spend less on repairs and get...
  1. Product Category
  • Single Lane Stick PackingMachine: KEFAI single lane stick pack machine is equipped with a stirring device to prevent the precipitation of granular materials. The single lane stick pack machine is able to be configured to print batch numbers and other functions according to customer requirements. The single lane stick packing machine meets your performance requirements and is powerful enough for high output operation.
  • Multi Lane Stick PackingMachine: KEFAI multi lane stick packing machine is able to be used together with an automatic cartoning machine to form an entire production line. The multi lane stick packing machine adopts a simple structure, making it easy to install and clean. The multi lane stick packing equipment can visually display production information, which is convenient for the operator to check various information in time such as machine fault information, or statistical data like the number of packages.


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  • Powder Stick Pack Packaging Machine: Powdered products are the most common items applied in the stick packages. KEFAI powder stick pack packaging machineis capable of packing powdery products into rounded or right-angled packages according to your requirements.
  • GranuleStick Pack Packaging Machine: KEFAI granule stick pack packaging machine is specially designed for some small granular products and rotary fillers is a great choice for granular products.
  • Liquid Stick Pack Packaging Machine: KEFAI liquid stick pack packing machinecan utilize pump fillers to pack liquid products like honey so as to gain a more wonderful packaging effect.



  1. Feature Box
  • Less Expenses: Compared with sachet packages, the stick packages use much less packaging materials. And the stick packing machine adopts the method of stick packs, which costs less on packaging films. In this way, the cost of packaging is capable of being cut down. Besides, the stick package is a kind of packaging bag easy to obtain and produce so it will not cost too much at all.
  • Convenience: It is known that the packaging style of stick pack machines is extremely portable because it uses a compact packaging way. As for the packaging of big size, it is not easy and convenient for clients to carry the items with them. In addition, the operator is also able to adjust and set the packaging parameters by manually touch touch the screen of the stick pack packaging machine, and the operation process is simple and easy to learn.
  • Fairly Hygienic: No matter what kind of food it is, the importance of food safety must be given the highest priority. KEFAI stick pouch packing machines use 304 stainless steel to make the parts that come into contact with the products like hopper. Furthermore, the structure of stainless steel makes it more convenient to clean the machine body.
  • No Leaking Package: The occurrence of leaking packages is a quite negative issue for the company, and in severe cases, it will have a great impact on the brand reputation. Our stick pack packaging machine uses an independent PLD temperature system, which can seal the back of the packaged product to ensure the tightness of the product packaging.


Customize for Your Business.

As one of the members in the stick pack machine manufacturers, KEFAI Machinery can design for you the most perfect stick packing machine in your mind. Our R&D team is both experienced and skilled. Whatever your requirements for a stick pack packing machine, you can tell our engineers and they will serve you with the utmost care. After you clarify your requirements, we will organize technical staff to discuss and draw specific design drawings. You can check the drawings, if you are not satisfied, we can continue to draw. After the customized strip packaging machine is produced, we will take photos and running videos for you as soon as possible.



  1. Company Advantage

KEFAI packing machines are independently researched and developed by our experienced team, and are supported by various patent certificates. After more than ten years of development, our packaging machine has also occupied an important position in the field of packaging machinery. All packaging machines have been thoroughly tested for performance, and a 72-hour test before leaving the factory is indispensable. Including stick packaging machines, KEFAI Machinery can ensure that the equipment arrives intact and in stable operation. As to equipment maintenance, we have professional technicians to provide you with technical guidance.



  1. Testimonial

Customer Reviews.

 A comment from Israel: I must praise KEFAI for their after-sales service. After the arrival of the equipment, their engineers quickly arrived at our company for installation and commissioning and training of our operators. The training content includes the operation of the machine, the daily maintenance of the machine, and the handling of common faults, etc.


 A comment from Zimbabwe: As far as I’m concerned, it's well worth the price for such a machine of prominent performance. The stick packing machine neither stuck randomly nor failed frequently. Love it.


 A comment from Jamaica: If you use this stick pack packaging equipment, you will find it is really hygienic. The closed mechanism can effectively prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine. And the stick pack machine price is relatively low.



  1. Bottom FAQ
  • What are the packaging forms of the stick sachet packing machine?

There are actually some packaging forms for stick packages. The stick bags mainly include the following packaging forms: stick bags with sawtooth, stick right angle, reticulated right angle, reticulated rounded corner, special-shaped right angle, special-shaped reticulated rounded corner.


  • What is the difference between stick packaging adopted by stick packing equipment and general bag packaging?

The long stick packaging is fairly elegant and beautiful, and is favored by a great deal of consumers. And this kind of packaging is more space-saving than normal packaging.


  • Which industries are the stickpackpackaging machines suitable for?

As a matter of fact, the stick packing machines are able to be applied to many fields, but it is ideal for food industry and pharmaceutical industry.