The 4-side sealing packaging machine is a horizontal packaging equipment used for four-side sealing and packaging of products. The horizontal four-sided sealing packaging machine has a wide range of applications, and it is suitable for almost any product that requires four-sided sealing and packaging. For example, it is suitable for packaging tablets for the pharmaceutical industry, alcohol cotton pads, wet wipes, paper towels, facial masks, and steam eye masks for the daily necessities industry. In addition, 4 side seal packaging machine is suitable for various types of bags, such as plastic bags, aluminum foil bags. According to the characteristics of different industries and products, suitable horizontal four-sided packaging machines can be selected for packaging to improve packaging efficiency and product quality.

KEFAI automated flowpack 4 side sealing packaging equipment structure is reasonable. The four-side sealing and sealing machine is usually composed of a feeding system, a sealing system, a control system, and a conveyor belt. The 4 sided seal packing equipment has a compact structure and takes up less space, making it suitable for use in a limited work area.

KEFAI Alcohol Cotton Swab Packing Machine

Alcohol Cotton Swab 4-side Sealing Packing Machine: This four-side-seal packaging machine is equipped with advanced technology and features that make it suitable for the specific requirements of alcohol swab packaging. It automates the packaging of alcohol swabs and ensures their safety and cleanliness. Also, the 4 side sealing packing machine’s eight-row design allows for faster and more packaging output.

  • High-precision Sealing Technology
  • Automated Operation
  • Flexible Adjustment
  • Efficient and Reliable


  1. The horizontal-type machine, and contunuous roller selling; high production speed, and high efficiency.
  2. Full touch screen control, convenirnt control, safe and stable, and not easy to be damaged.
  3. Heat-sealing temparature can be adjusted accorig to the need of products; convenient to change the product with strong adaptability to the raw materials.
  4. Packaging speed, packaging size and volume of injecting liquid can be adjusted within a certain range according to the model and products.
  5. Packaging materials: the outer bags can adopt the multi-layer composite membranes, the diameter of packing materials' inner bore is 75mm, and the external diameter is less than 4x8mm; there should be no other words or patterns between color marks, so as not to avoid the color mark misunderstanding. The color contrast between the color mark and base material should be great as far as possible; the black, dark, blue and dark green are recommended; and please inform our factory in advance if selecting other colors as the color mark.
  6. The ecternal dismeter of inner core material is less than 1000mm, and the diameter of inner core is 76mm; its material is non-woven fabrics.
  7. Multi-axis servo motor linkage control with the programmable control.
> What can this machine package?
This Alcohol Cotton Swab Packing Machine works stably and continuously, and is suitable for alcohol pad or swabs making.

Alcohol Cotton Swab application


KEFAI 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine
Packing Form
Alcohol Pad
Packing Material
Heat Sealable PET, OPP, BOPP/AL/PE, CPP Laminate Film. (8 columns)
Outer Packing size of finished product
50x50 mm
Inner core size
30x60 mm
Production capacity
800-12000 pcs/min(8c)
Total powder
6 KW
single-phase 220v
Operating ambient temperature
10ºC - 35ºC

Detailed Images

KEFAI Alcohol Cotton Swab Packing Machine detail - Fully AutomaticKEFAI Alcohol Cotton Swab Packing Machine detail - Liquid AdditionKEFAI Alcohol Cotton Swab Packing Machine detail - Good SealingKEFAI Alcohol Cotton Swab Packing Machine detail - Interface Operation
Fully Automatic 
Adopt servo drive system; PLC intelligently controls the operation of the whole machine, precise film feeding, stable cotton sheet transmission, and precise bag cutting.
Liquid Addition
Imported liquid pump, the liquid filling volume is directly set on the touch screen. High precision of liquid addition.
Good Sealing
Tight sealing without liquid leakage amd bubbling under the premise of high liquid dosing.
Interface Operation
Color touch screen interface operation. Stable operation with high output: 280-400 bags/minute.


High Degree Of Flexibility

    A unique advantage of the horizontal four-sided packaging machine is its high degree of flexibility. This kind of packaging machine can adapt to the packaging needs of various products, whether it is irregular in shape or different in size. Its flexibility makes it an ideal solution to meet the diverse requirements of different industries and products. The horizontal four-sided packaging machine can easily adapt to different sizes of packaging bags and products by adjusting the parameters and settings. It can be quickly adjusted and replaced to adapt to different packaging specifications and product characteristics. It means that on the same machine, you can easily switch and package products of different shapes and sizes, improving production efficiency and flexibility.



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KEFAI is committed to providing high-quality horizontal four-sided packaging machines. We use high-quality SUS304 or 316 materials and precision manufacturing processes to ensure the durability, reliability and stability of each equipment. In addition, each completed four-sided packaging machine will undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure that it meets international standards and customer requirements. KEFAI will provide customized and personalized horizontal four-sided packaging solutions according to the unique needs of each customer to achieve the best packaging effect and production efficiency for customers.

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Our Customers Feedback

I purchased KEFAI’s horizontal four-sided wrapping equipment, which can efficiently complete our production needs. And its packaging effect is very good, each bag is tightly sealed to keep the product fresh and safe. Overall, I am very satisfied with KEFAI’s horizontal four-sided packing machine and highly recommend it to other companies that need this kind of equipment.Mr. Roger, a customer from USA.
KEFAI’s flow pack four-sided sealing wrapping machinery is easy to operate, saving us labor costs and time. Its packaging speed is very fast, and it can complete a large number of packaging tasks per minute. KEFAI gave us timely support during the installation and commissioning process to ensure that the machine can be put into use smoothly. We are very satisfied with the performance and quality of this horizontal 4-sided packing machine.Mr. Bill, a customer from Belgium.
We made a wise decision in choosing KEFAI’s horizontal four-side-seal packaging machine to enhance our packaging efficiency. This machine is perfect for our products and it performs the packaging task quickly and accurately, ensuring the quality and appearance of our products. This horizontal four side seal wrapping machine has made a huge improvement to our production line.Mr. Abner, a customer from Amsterdam.

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FAQs about 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine

1. What is the packaging speed of the horizontal four-sided sealing packaging machine?
The packaging speed of the horizontal four-sided packing machine depends on the size and packaging requirements of the product, and can usually reach 20 to 100 bags per minute. There are also multi-lane
horizontal flowpack packing machines, so that the packaging output will be higher.


2. How does the horizontal 4-sided seal ensure the sealing of the package?
The flow pack four side sealing packaging machine adopts a high-precision temperature and pressure control system to ensure that the four-side sealing of the sachet or bag is firm and sealed.


3. Does the 4-side sealing packing machine support bags of different specifications?
Yes, horizontal four-sided packaging machines usually have an adjustable bag size range, which can adapt to different specifications of bags.


4. Is there after-sales service support after purchasing the 4 side seal packing machine?
Yes, KEFAI provides comprehensive after-sales service support, including equipment installation and commissioning, training of operators and regular maintenance to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.

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